Data collection and archive system

The data acquisition and archive systems are often used in case in reception of products and their use in production. In preparation of products like tomato paste and pepper puree, the data acquisition and archive systems read input parameters, such as kind of product, amount, dry matter in %, lot number, tank storage number, current date and time of complete batch. These data are required for the implementation of quality policies and accountancy analysis of revenue and cost in the production process.

MEGA Engineering implements the set task of data acquisition and archiving by using the equipment – BadgerMeter flowmeter , Moeller controller with display with many control options, OPC server – client communication to the computer archive system. The programming of the system gives a user-fiendly control and analysis of parameters in lots by time and date. The lot records are saved in SQL data base, which gives the opportunity of authorized access to accountancy programs to use the collected data.

document of the data archive system

Система за събиране на данни

Data collection system