Control panel of ventilation and air conditioning

The control of air conditioning and ventilation systems in big production premises and halls is required to maintain constant microclimate parameters, for storage of fresh products and to provide work temperature for the people in the summer and in the winter, recirculation of fresh air in the premises.

MEGA Engineering implements system controls for ventilation and air condition by providing control panels connected to thermo-sensors, collecting current data of the temperature in the halls, cash desks, vegetable stores, meat processing premises and ambient temperature. The control panel of heating, ventilation and air condition provides constant adjustment of temperature, regarding the set parameters of temperature in the different zones and premises by controlling:

  • the operation mode of a thermopump;
  • supercharging ventilators;
  • pumps to refrigeration chamber;
  • three-way thermoregulating valves for heating and cooling section;
  • motor valves;
  • opening a bypass of the recuperator;
  • ventilation convectors operation;
  • operation mode of the refrigerator;

Control of air condition system
The control panel has two modes – for summer and winter periods in the year. Light indicators give information about the operation mode of the air condition and ventilation equipment, occurrence of blocks in ventilators. A light and sound alarm signal informs the maintenance operator about malfunctions.